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Category Services Price (HUF)
Consultation Implant insertion 15000
Periapical X-ray Periapical X-ray 4000
Orthopantomogram X-ray Orthopantomogram X-ray 10000
Dental treatment Sealing of dental fissure 15000
Dental treatment Composite filling small 32000
Dental treatment Composite filling medium 37000
Dental treatment Composite filling large 42000
Dental treatment Inlay (without gold) 98000
Dental treatment E-max inlay 105000
Endodontic treatment Temporary root canal medicine 8000
Endodontic treatment Root canal treatment in 1 canal 48000
Endodontic treatment Root canal treatment in 2 canal 58000
Endodontic treatment Root canal treatment in 3 or more canal 68000
Prosthodontics Lumineers veneer 500 EURO
Prosthodontics Temporary crown 8000-30000
Prosthodontics Porcelan-fused-metal crown 79000
Prosthodontics Porcelan-fused-metal crown on an implant 120000
Prosthodontics Galvanic-gold crown 55000 + Au daily rate
Prosthodontics Circon crown 105000
Prosthodontics Circon crown on an implant 220000
Prosthodontics Metal pin in the root canal 40000
Prosthodontics CAD-CAM temporary crown 30000
Prosthodontics Maryland bridge 105000
Prosthodontics Remove of old crown 5000
Prosthodontics Wax-up/tooth 10000
Prosthodontics Temporary clip 35000
Prosthodontics Prosthetic denture full arch 200000
Prosthodontics Prosthetic denture lining 35000
Prosthodontics Metal frame of denture 115000
Prosthodontics Precisions part From 55000
Prosthodontics Telescopic part 75000
Prosthodontics Galvanic telescop 120000
Prosthodontics Overdenture fixing part 70000
Prosthodontics Nightguard 20000
Surgical treatment Extraction 25000
Surgical treatment Extraction surgical 35000
Surgical treatment Surgical removal of a wisdomtooth 40000
Surgical treatment Root resection one root 40000
Surgical treatment Root recection more roots 50000
Surgical treatment Implant Nobel Biocare From 220000
Surgical treatment Immediate implant 260000
Surgical treatment Bone substitute 50000
Surgical treatment Minor lift 60000
Surgical treatment Major lift From 200000
Surgical treatment Bone surgery From 160000
Surgical treatment Screw 20000
Surgical treatment Guided surgery 200000
Surgical treatment All-on-four Daily price
Surgical treatment Membrane Daily price
Surgical treatment Locator 85000
Surgical treatment Free gingival graft 110000
Surgical treatment Frenulotomie 25000
Surgical treatment Gingival recession surgery 95000
Surgical treatment Gingival surgery 45000-60000
Surgical treatment Emdogain Daily price
Surgical treatment Curettage 80000
Dental hygiene Professional cleaning/EMS 28000-40000
Orthodontics Orthodontic treatment plan 30000
Orthodontics Signature III. esthetic braces 260000
Orthodontics Monthly activating fee 15000-25000
Orthodontics Rmo mini LP metal braces 220000
Orthodontics ITTR lingual braces 260000
Orthodontics Retainer 65000
Orthodontics Repair of retainer 15000
Orthodontics RMO Multi Family myofunctional trainer 60000
Orthodontics Monthly activating of trainer 10000

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