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The Practice offers the latest procedures thanks to the latest dental technology.
State-of-the-art technology, regular training courses and an eye on current dental research developments: we do everything we can to ensure professional care for your teeth. And it goes without saying that friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere form a natural part of your visit.

Our Team

Dr. Krisztian Makra

I etablished the Clinic in 2016 to provide a high professional dental service for the patients in a friendly atmosphere. I am always on hand to discuss treatment options with you, and will take the time to explain what kind of treatment is available, what has been recommended and what the choosen procedure involve. I aim to educate and inform, to help you make informed choices, before commencing any treatment.

I graduated as a dentist in 2005 in Szeged.
My postgraduations are Prostodontics, and periodontology
I gained some experience in Europa. I worked half a year in Austria in 2012, and I worked in a danish dental clinic among 2014-2016.
I participate in a lot of congress all over Europa, because I belive in progress and perpetual learning, which is indispensable in dentistry.
I am the member of the Hungarian Society of Periodontology and the Danish Dental Association.


Gyöngyi Szabó
Qualified dental nurse

I am Krisztian Makra’s dental hygienist. My aim is to teach our patients the best way, how they can perform a good oral hygiene. During our lifetime the anatomical circumstances are changing, which demands regular care and control of our teeth. In order to achieve a long lasting result after the treatment, we should often develop our former dental care and make them fit better to the changed circumstances. It is very important to me to teach our patients the latest methods of dental care. I am very glad and satisfied, when I meet a patient again, and I can se, that he/she has a better mouth hygiene thank for our common work, and dares to smile wider.

Since 2007 do my job as a dental hygenist
I got my speciality as a dental hygenist in 2003
I became dental nurse in 1989


Dr. Fanni Kerekes

Since 2007 I’ve been working as a dentist, beautifying it anyway, it’s been a decade. In the first part of this era my interest has turned into aesthetic dentistry which has dominated my studies and my work as well. Later, encouraged by my own orthodontic treatment, my passion for orthodontics has begun to grow. I’ve always wanted to be a dentist, ever since I was a tiny conscious human being. Back then it was treated as a joke by my beloved, since then I use jokes in my work as a means of anaesthesia. Professionally elements, however, I do not do jokes; I train myself regularly in the interest of my patients, to offer a thorough professional point of view for them, and make the treatment acceptable, available and in the meantime easy to understand.

2017 member of the Lexodont team
Since 2014 work at the Madenta Ltd.
I had the speciality in orthodontic treatment in 2013
I worked at Bakats Dental from 2010 til 2013
In 2010 did my specialisation in prosthetic dentistry
I work at Amelo Dental Center from 2007


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